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Afternoon all, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. Well, today I’ve been doing normal household chores, and let’s just say my back is complaining so I thought I’d do some research and test a theory.

I have used the herbal blends to help with many things but never looked specifically for combos that may help as a natural muscle relaxer. Well, I looked around and found that passion flower and valerian does help relax muscles and those are in my stocked Sleep Formula that I’ve already purchased for myself. ((Yes, I’ve (and others) used it for Sleep when I remember to take it and it does work.)

So today, I will use it to see if it helps with the “what the heck are you doing?” message my back is sending me. Here is to hoping it helps, after all it is designed to relax you to sleep so why not relax you in a lighter dose without inducing sleep.

I hope you all are enjoy your Friday…while I complete my Sunday chores.

BB! –Liza M.