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Good morning early risers, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. Ah, this morning, I admit my mind is doing some random tangents, so here we go…

Memorial Day weekend approaches and for many that means the start of Summer Fun. I stared at the weather report for the day and went…ugh, as I need to shut the windows and have the A/C ready…so it begins, the “southern heat” is on its way. That also means lots of sun-burnt people not hydrated enough on the roads so

Enjoy your time in Sun but please don’t forget the sunscreen and to drink enough…the non-alcoholic kind HAH.

This Memorial Day, I am going to a memory lane tour of those fallen angels I have known and those I heard stories about by re-telling some antics and letting them live again among us for a brief time.

For all of you, enjoy your upcoming weekend and come out of it with all your faculties and appendages please.

I know I’ll probably be breaking into The Wandering Path’s stocked Summer Cooling Tea as the humidity stays near 90% and temps rise to 90+ and try to not yell at the visiting tourists.

BB! –Liza M.