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Good morning everyone. We wanted to talk today about those mountains that seem to pop up in front of you on your paths. Some you can climb quickly; others slowly, while others…after much trying you may need to take another route.

Challenges will always arise and you may not overcome them all. We know the Owner is trying to stay positive as she faces her Mountain Range of things before her but she rises every day and stays hopeful that things will work out the way they are meant to…whether it’s the way she wants them to or not (don’t you just hate that…sometimes you can want something so much to work out but it just doesn’t).

She will keep trying (as we sure you do) to carve out steps to conquer the steep trails, resting along the way…and that’s all we can do is “give it a shot”.

After all, wouldn’t you rather have tried than always be stuck with that “I wonder…” in your head.

We know many of us here have passed on things because we were too frightened, too hesitant to take a chance…and are stuck with that nagging and repeating concept.

So we commend those that decide to take the chance to do something they want to do and wish them all the best of luck. Remember your path will wander and meander….just do your best not to twist an ankle.

BB! –The Wandering Path Staff