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Good morning everyone. We hope your Memorial Day weekend has been a fun one so far. Today, the Owner is going to her temp job but we have been all sharing stories of those that are no longer with us.

We remember them and their antics. The way they frustrated us, challenged us; made us laugh, and were there to have our backs when we needed it. We miss you our brothers and sisters of the Service. We also remember those that that wore different kind of uniforms but were there for us just the same.

We raise our coffee mugs in the AM and will raise our drinking glasses tonight. And for the Owner, she pointed out before leaving “look Chief, the ‘flavoring’ is building” on her Serenity mug (that blue/pink one she did up) and she put out some blow pops and dum dums for her Marines.

Small gestures can lead to “what does that mean” stories and also good memories that allow those that have passed to live on for a moment.

Enjoy your day today, we certainly will enjoy ours and make it a good one not a sad one.

BB! –The Wandering Path Staff