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Good morning early risers, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. My mood yesterday began grayish and went darker as the day and its frustration continued to build; so I chose not to post anything.

As we all know, some days you are good and others you wish you had just skipped. However, when I got home yesterday, I noted the sky above me and realized it was trying to point me back to my search for Serenity.

So, I went inside, vented out some of that frustration and woke today a bit sore but pulled up the photos I took of the sky that greeted me and realized it was more vivid than I remembered.

I wanted to share it with you…and also I saw my mind playing that “cloud game” that we played as kids..and I’ve seen everything from the shape of a mans face in the wispy cloud center portions to a wolfs head on the middle right and other shapes. Yes, silly I know but I always did like that game.

Here is to a better day than yesterday. With a Raised Coffee Mug, BB! –Liza M.