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Good morning everyone, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. I sit here today, my Saturday, enjoying the stormy activity. As I sit here listening to the thunder and enjoying the cooler breeze I began to ponder the possibilities.

I just finished my class in Mythology and began my class in Ancient Civilizations and the stories told throughout the time frames continue to be told (FYI, I’m finishing my degree and those were my last two classes…my choice to do something fun finally!).

If you believe in things that are “unproven” by scientific standards, I say that is okay. If I only followed what science has proven I wouldn’t be on the path I am.

Had I listened to my doctors over the years I probably wouldn’t be here but I believed more in the possibilities of the human body & spirit, as well as what nature has provided that I have no reason to not consider the possibilities of fairies, ghosts, magick and so much more.

How boring life would be if there wasn’t something that we didn’t know yet or even fathom could exist.

Explore your world…follow your path…listen to what is inside of you and what you know is true. Ignore the nay-sayers and less than imaginative. After all…I say, you never know…anything is possible.

With a Raised Coffee Mug, BB! –Liza M.