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Good morning everyone, the cool morning is moving into a sunny but muggy afternoon. The kids are out of school and it’s time for some summer fun.

As we watched the kids begin to play and those whose parents are off work today…we are reminded that it’s about the fun you have during the game…not the score.

The memories you build with your kids when you play with them stays with them. Pick a ball, grab your hiking boots, your surfboards, the kayaks, whatever your sport of choices are….enjoy the Summer.

Yes, you may think dragging your kids off for a day of fishing is “boring” to them because that is what they say but they will remember it fondly when they are older as long as you make it what it should be…a memory making time.

Competition has its place but so does just pure fun as well as teaching good sportsmanship. So…we hope you do have fun today and it is full of laughter or a peaceful time and some smiles.

BB! –The Wandering Path Staff