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Good evening all you hard workers, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. I have had one of those weeks…and today was a long one and I lost my temper with someone at the end of the day because they disliked the fact that I didn’t delay in doing something long enough; then asked me to do something else that I told them point blank I won’t do that. Oh well, just reminded myself that I’m a temp…and when I got home, I got another reminder.

So many men and women face much harder issues such as accepting themselves again after a battle. I came across a video (thanks again to a friend) of a tattoo artist in Maryland applying his art and healing people more than he can possibly comprehend.

Breast cancer fights happen to both men and women and when you get reconstructive surgery you may still not feel “like yourself”. He takes his talent and gives them back that sense of self. So well done…and to all those gifted tattoo artists out there…perhaps this can be added to your local area too; everyone wants to feel comfortable in their own skin…especially after a trauma or a fight.

Here is to me to letting the annoyance of today go; and hoping the other person also sees my point of view and finding my Serenity zone again.

BB to you all. –Liza M.