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Good Morning everyone. We apologize for being off-line for so long but things have been both busy as well as a bit of a moody atmosphere.

The Owner took some time to pause and reflect and she decided to leave her temporary job as the hours it required kept getting longer and her ability to focus on this venture became less and less. Her attitude as well also shifted as the “vibe” at that place also changed with new personnel coming onboard there and no decision to further compensate her for doing “full time” hours.

That job was supposed to be part-time so she didn’t expect things like benefits but as the hours kept growing as well as the work load; her discussions with management came to no result so she decided to leave and try to find another position with less of a commute and commitment of her time.

She loves the idea of what she’s trying to achieve with The Wandering Path and in the way she wants to do it. She truly does want people to feel better overall and live their lives with smiles as she spent many years where she saw the darkest sides of people as well as saw that happening to herself.

Life is meant to be enjoyed not one of a “grit teeth” fest. Blessings to you all and take those chances on things and people that enrich your life.

Keeping Hope Alive – The Wandering Path Staff