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Good Morning all. We are in a partial tech-free impromptu holiday. The Owner’s cell phone quit getting service and she is now on day 4 and it turns out only one tower is working in the area.

She is a self-professed semi-geek but every few years she takes a “tech-free” holiday to remind herself how life is without computers, cell phones, etc… and this partial tech-free holiday is a tad frustrating because it was unplanned and she monitors quite a bit from her phone.

She is healing well in case you were concerned, just tired. We hope you like the choices of dresses that are up for the Vote-a-thon and remember to just let us know if you or someone you know wants one before we place the first test order.

We’ve got a busy week ahead; inventory update; taxes for the quarter; and get the webstore re-arrangement & update.

We hope your week has started well and wish us luck that July gets us some sales (June was a bust…ugh).

As we all contemplated our lives without the cells and computers (streaming TV) we put together a reminder that technology is here to enhance your life and shouldn’t rule it.

Establish those connections to actual people…in person not just online. The touch and voice of another human being is very healing and inspiring. Let their energy be felt by yours, you both deserve it.

BB! –The Wandering Path Staff.