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Good Morning all. The humid heat is beginning to drain us. Summer tea is flowing freely over here and we all noticed the exhausted looks but then we began to lighten the mood.

Energy can be sapped but it is amazing what laughter and funny stories bring about. The eyes are truly reflections of the soul…have you ever stared at someone and knew they were up to no good…or had found someone who made them happy?

Have you ever looked at a potential love for the first time and saw that love reflected back to you? The eyes can tell so much about a mood or even bring someone back to reality when they are upset or lost.

Look a person in the eyes and see what you see…some may find it un-nerving but you may find a pleasant surprise as you could see something in that person you’ve never seen before.

See their spirit if you dare; the fire that burns inside…or a friend in need that is too scared to ask for help.  Connect with others…the benefits far outweigh the risks. 

BB! –The Wandering Path Staff.