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Wow, what a week it has been. Hello all, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. Well my tech-free holiday got much more extended as the computers around here fell one after the other like dominoes.

After I had moved the majority of the files onto the desktop, it too joined the “I don’t want to work either” pack. I finally got one of the laptops repaired so now I can begin again to share the thoughts I have with you.

I admit, as they kept failing, I couldn’t decide if it was just “time” for them to fail or if I had some bad juju around me, or the universe trying to tell me something. My hope for what I was trying to do did wane a bit until I remembered to refill the hope I have in what I am doing. So now, I look at it, that perhaps they just needed to be repaired and I wasn’t supposed to try to push the store items too much nor look for another job for a bit.

I chose to view the cell outage & computer failures as a time to reflect and replenish so to speak as I have been going hard for some time. I will share a card reading I did tomorrow after I write up the layout meanings which actually speaks to the fact I need to make choices and put in some more hard work.

I hope you all remember you have your own internal well of hope and that it is there for you to draw on when you need it to and that your actions can help it to refill.

BB, have a wonderful Sunday. With a raised coffee mug –Liza M.