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Hello everyone, it’s Liza the Owner of The Wandering Path. As promised below is the card reading layout and meanings that I did on July 13, 2014.

I wanted to see if I could find some type of direction or hope in things to come and I knew that I did not have enough single focus to go for a “single issue” reading but needed an overall picture.

You could use this for decks that you have if you too find yourself at times wondering about things overall and may need a little direction (or even a kick in the bum so to speak).

I used a deck that is one of my own that I had never opened so it was the first use of it and so I did find the layout very telling of somewhat “obvious” issues I need to address but admit I’ve been putting off or too scared to attempt. Here is to hoping I can get to work, get things going, and that good things are coming my way.

BB! With a raised coffee mug –Liza M.