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Hello everyone, this Sunday is a restful day for us. It’s been a difficult week.

The Owner had multiple bad days of pain. It was hard for her and hard for us to watch. She normally manages it quite well but this week her tricks seemed to not work very well to lessen the muscle aches, swollen joints, etc.. .

We dug through her books here and compared it to all we have to see if one of the formulas we have yet to post a “why” sheet on contains ingredients that may help.

We were surprised to see the Blood Sugar Support formula contains things that help for so much more than that. We are happy to say that the cherry, huckleberry, juniper berry ingredients in that formula helped…after a few days of adding that in she began to feel better…we could even see the swelling from the inflammation in her joints going down & her appetite return.

Now we understand why she is always encouraging us to also look at the ingredients for things beyond just what is “advertised”.

To celebrate…we went out got some vanilla and root beer…Floats all around! If you were here we’d share them with you too. Victory over something deserves a treat and this is ours today.

Enjoy your Sunday and we will post a “why” sheet as soon as we get our other primary laptop back that has our template on it.

BB! The Wandering Path Staff.