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Good Morning Everyone. Friendships can see you through both the greatest highs and lows of your life. Cherish those individuals who truly enjoy the journey with you.

This Friday after the work week ends…have a bit of fun among friends; enjoy a laugh…put the work week behind you and begin your weekend with a smile.

Our new stock should be in next week and we will also be posting the promised “why” sheet for the Blood Sugar formula we carry & how it has helped beyond just what the label says (yes we are excited at the other factors).

Our weekend ahead will be a “research heavy” weekend as we MUST see if we can get a booth at a local flea market to try to sell some of our lovely wares.

Enjoy your journey, support one another…you are truly gifts to each other among the journey of life…we certainly see you as gifts to us.

BB! The Wandering Path Staff.