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Good day everyone. We hope this week is winding up nicely for all of you. We have prepared a graphic with some of the data from the MayoClinic on Meditation. We have also linked up that article & a link to YogaYak for auditory assistance onto the Blogroll.

Meditation tools can be different for everyone. We use sound, like those provided by YogaYak videos; focus talismans (the crystal lotus blossoms, candle flames or the light from the oil warmers); and aromatherapy scents (i.e. the Waikiki Sunset as the Owner spent many great years living in Hawaii) to help deal with stress, pain, lack of focus and whatnots of daily life. Even using the tools in work settings can help keep the frustration down & for you to focus (hence the portability & size of the zen garden, flameless candles, crystal lotus blossoms). 

Whether you do this for 5 min or much longer, if it can help calm your mind & body then perhaps you can be on your path to what you seek or need. We hope you find it beneficial as we do.

BB! The Wandering Path Staff.