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Wow, busy few days and we haven’t even started on what we had planned yet. The Super Moon has inspired the Owner to pick up her camera and she has been up late each night taking some unique photos using what she calls “blind photography” as she couldn’t see what she was photographing most of time. There are often energies you do not see…and so she began capturing some of them.

They certainly have us boggled and for some of us…we do believe in fairies! We have posted 24 of the photos she has taken onto our Pinterest under Support Art & Expression. We are also contacting some artist friends to ask if they want their works hosted as well. The money from the sales goes entirely to the artists for their works.

Support their talent. Don’t forget to shop for things that may inspire you to explore your world and enrich your life. Remember we carry a variety of things & our new stock has been posted.

Be well, find your path…allow yourself joy! Below is an example from the Pinterest site. 

BB! The Wandering Path Staff.