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Good morning everyone. It’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. I spent the weekend trying to work on a brochure to place a local spot to hopefully spread the word about what my shop has to offer.

Yes, tad frustrating as I didn’t realize how much “stuff” I have and trying to quickly describe things can be difficult, finding my voice is difficult as I have too much to say about “how, why..” a particular item may help.

This morning, as I stepped outside to place out the house payment…the sky beckoned to say the least. The clouds were magnificent and I can’t even describe just how “large” they were nor could even the photos I took truly capture their impact.

The one I chose to share seems to me as if the cloud decided to speak, it’s need to voice something burst out of it. I won’t taint your view by describing what I see but leave it to your imaginations. Be inspired and find your voice, wish me luck in finding and refining mine.

BB! With a raised coffee mug –Liza M.