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Good morning everyone. It’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. I am enjoying the brief time I have left with the open windows. Before I finally went to sleep around 2 am I noticed the temp outside was better than it was indoors so I cracked open those windows. It always makes me just want to sit and listen to the night.

I also began to think about how often people “talk” but rarely “listen”. So much is said that is beyond the words used that the art of being able to listen seems to be getting lost. Yes, we can communicate quickly and to the point…twitter demands that; but often people say things but what they really mean is unknown to their conscious mind but is being communicated by actions, facial expressions, and spiritual projection so to speak.

The desire to be in direct contact with another person seems to be getting lost and then when something a person does…doesn’t match their “online” persona; the question of “why?” is being asked. We need human contact, we need to hear eachother and understand the meaning.

I know there are those of you who understand the meaning of a “look”, a “sigh”, etc… in another individual….that you seem to have an uncanny ability to read them like an open book or hear them speak without saying a word. So, as I watched the Q&A last night on Acorn with David Suchet he said a quote that I chose to use today as the character by Agatha Christie, Hercule Poirot was indeed a great listener…and I also think a great observer. I shall miss his portrayls. If you didn’t know, the very last episode of Poirot with Mr. Suchet has aired. Au revior et bon chance.

BB! With a raised coffee mug –Liza M.