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Good late night all. It’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. My “late night owl” tendency has taken hold the past few days…hence why no blog posts although I have tried to at least post something to Twitter every so often if I woke up.

The sand man seems to be avoiding me and I also felt as if I was in a bit of a fog…unsure which way to go. I know everyone experiences those times where someone or something seems to be sapping your energy & creativity and I admit this has been affecting me this week…quite badly.

Tomorrow I shall start adding the Mood (I call it Chinese Prozac) to try to help deal with some of these down trodden/defeated feelings. Yes, my anxiety levels and stress over the business and its lack of activity have been getting to me but I do try to remain hopeful.

Thank you as always for listening to my inner thoughts & concerns.

BB! –Liza M.