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Hello everyone. Finally, September is here…we see this as the month it begins….summer begins to wane and Fall starts to take hold as the Earth (Mother Nature if you like) begins to start her preparations for Winter Slumber.

Absolutely, Autumn is our favorite time of year as we can watch nature show their colors, it is cool enough to get out and explore plus our favorite holiday is on its way. Surely, you can guess it is Halloween (Samhain) and we cannot wait.

We hope that we get enough sales in September to allow us to go and find some great things to stock to celebrate such a time of year.

Thank you all for listening to the Owner, we know her well but also know she struggles with many things we cannot comprehend as we did not go through everything she did.

She wants to share but how “much” of herself does she put out to the world is always a question for her. Her conditions and her battles with them are so personal but also so inspiring to us here and we know that is why she is so passionate about what she stocks and why as she doesn’t want anyone to go through the struggles and amount of time it took for her to find ways to cope, treat, and find her own inspiration.

Not everyone is as stubborn as she is about finding “another way” to treat things…especially health conditions. If she could, she would literally sell the stuff at cost or give it away. We have to stop her from handing out samples from her own supply that she uses (and pays for our of her savings) because she sees someone in need and she hates to see someone struggling…when she knows there is a possible treatment for it.

Okay, we are off our soap box and wish you all BB.

–The Wandering Path Staff