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Hello everyone, it seems that September has begun with the continuation of struggles or as we hope the final hurdle on some sections.

The primary delivery SUV has decided it needs a bit of a breather so as we wait for the assessment to be done on whether it is a cheap/easy fix, we watch the Owner stress.

We pulled one of her poems we thought we would share with you. She has always wondered why her path in life has had so many twists, turns, difficulties, etc…when others around her don’t seem to have so many roadblocks. However, she also says that the “powers that be” wouldn’t hand her something she couldn’t handle but she wishes at times they handed her a map too so she knew which way to go.

So for today, as we wait to hear if she really can set up a booth this coming weekend and boost sales we just want to remind you all that your path is yours…and your travel of it will be different from others so try not to compare as you will eventually find your way or finally reach that place you can stay (physical or spiritual).

BB! –The Wandering Path Staff