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Good Morning early risers. It’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. As Friday begins, I regret that again I have to delay my “in person” sales much to my dismay but I’m hopeful that perhaps next weekend will be that “lucky” weekend. I need to consult with my sister, a superb sales person. While I was off in the realm of military life she was learning the sales trade and so I know her knowledge will be invaluable. She has the experience in the realm I need to travel and while we have had our difficulties over the years (what siblings don’t?) I am hopeful that now we have both aged enough to appreciate what the other has experienced in their lives. She has seen some of my offerings and indicated they should sell quite quickly but she also told me she hasn’t looked too much because she doesn’t want to “want” the things for herself before she can afford them. HA! No, right now, I don’t get a discount…so it’s in my family & friends & first patrons best interests to help me sell as then I can offer them special deals because of their early patronage.

I am attaching a graphic and short poem/thought run on how sometimes friends or family can seem so far ahead of you and you hope that they wait for you to catch up to them…even if it is just briefly. The journey is always so much better when you can have someone along with you to share in both the joys and in the difficulties so appreciate those people who do let you join them in realms that they are traveling and in which you may just be visiting.

BB! With a Raised Coffee Mug–Liza M.