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Good Afternoon all. It’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. Recognizing the sides that a person has and allowing each of them time to “play” can be very difficult. The graphic I did below is only a few….I know there are so many that if I tried to list them all, you would never be able to read it.

This is a struggle I know I still have, having to be primarily one over all the others and especially suppressing certain sides because it wasn’t appropriate for the persona I needed to portray. As I try to move ahead with this business I recognize that perhaps the suppressed “free spirit” needs to come out to play. For so many years I was primarily a warrior and provider that I was entirely too serious too often and perhaps now is the time for a bit of my fun (and sexy) personality to come out; especially if I want this business to succeed.

I am approaching a time where I might have to go back to being ultra-serious again (eeek) and if I’m gonna have to go work for someone else again…I might as well have some fun while I can. Recognize your own sides and ensure you give them ample time. Don’t take things too seriously all the time; have a laugh, play, be silly; be loving, nurturing, expressive; be sexy; be artistic, pay homage to things that make you smile. Even if you can only do it in small ways if your job requires you to be “business” all the time…allow yourself a little secret reminder of what else makes up you.

BB and check out the shop when you get a chance…perhaps you’ll find something that will help express a few of your many sides. –Liza M.