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Good Morning everyone, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. Well, this past weekend was the first time I have tried working for 3 days straight at the Flea Market. It was certainly an interesting experience and also very tiring. While the in-person sales are helping I do admit I am starting to worry that soon I’ll have to return the business to hobby status if I can and begin the search for a full time job again. I enjoy doing this so much and I’m finally starting to convince people to try my teas, supplements, jewelry, aromatherapy etc…and even though it is exhausting doing all of this, it is something I enjoy doing..so I don’t really look at it as a “job”.

I have been happy to see others understanding why my oils may be a bit better than the others…as well as my prices are more than reasonable. I felt bad for one woman this weekend, she came up to my table and asked me to please hid my warmers…as her mother was approaching. It turns out her mother had bought the exact warmer the day before…in the mall but paid $50 where I charge $15. I had heard the month prior they were $25 in the mall but certainly never expected to hear of them as high as $50. Her mother of course saw it and got a bit sick to her stomach…I asked them to take a card and to please ask me first for things or choose of the options available to order.

This is a small business and I try to keep my costs down to allow me to list things at prices I would be comfortable paying…hence why my profit margins may be low but I don’t feel like I’m doing something wrong if the price is higher just because I “could” do it that way. As I consider what I must do in the future to allow me to pay my bills (yes, mortgage must be paid), I pulled a quote I like from a book of poetry I have around the house. A reminder to me and perhaps to you as this year starts its final month.

Blessed Be, Brightest Blessings. With a raised coffee mug –Liza M.