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Good Morning everyone, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. As the year is nearing the end, I found myself under a great deal of stress as things continue to pile up & I need to renew things as well as recharge a bit.

I took a day trip up to Cullman AL with a friend because I had heard of a Grotto that contained miniatures of various buildings created by a monk there that certainly had creativity in his journey. I have included some of the photos below including the little surprises that were a nice find, such as Temple of the Fairies; Hansel & Gretel visiting the Temple of the Fairies to include a stone dragon; a Lizard Condo; and crossway just for chipmunks. There was also the leaning tower of Pisa and hanging gardens.




There was so much to see & if you ever get a chance to walk the grounds, it is a nice peaceful place. My friend & I also went and saw their hand done stone chapel on site and you could feel as you went (for those that may be sensitive to energies) a great deal of power in the area…it made us both feel a bit jumpy but not necessarily in a bad way….the inside of the chapel for me had me feeling a bit crowded even though it was empty and while my friend felt more comfortable and he even said he felt “safe” in there, I was more comfortable on the grounds but that’s because our gifts vary a bit; either way the place is teeming with beauty & creativity and perhaps a few souls still wishing to help. Below is a shot of my favorite stained glass window which has the sun, the moon, mountains, & a path…certainly interesting how things throughout the monastery has things that show natural elements, pagan symbolism, etc..where most people may believe some of the symbolism is purely for certain things but what we saw shows that sometimes you need to research for yourself & not just go by what you have been told.  My friend & I were also pleasantly surprised to find for sale in the Monk Store, a Trinity symbol mug


On our drive back, the miles seemed to go by much more quickly and before we knew it we were back home in Florida. We also found a few more sites we didn’t know were there in Alabama that we want to explore such as different wineries, a large 12 story high cavern, etc…so it looks like more day trips & perhaps a few overnighters are on the books in days to come.

Remember to take time and take a day away to forget stresses, ignore the cell phone and just see what is around, it certainly helped me to recharge just a bit & continue the hope for The Wandering Path to not fade into something I cannot do full time. Here is to hoping and thank you for listening. I have uploaded 64 shots of the Grotto & the stained glass windows of the chapel onto the “Owner’s Travel” section of The Wandering Path’s Pinterest site if you want to take a look. 

Blessed Be, Brightest Blessings, Happy Wandering. With a raised coffee mug –Liza M.