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Good Morning all you early risers, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. During this time of year, my favorite thing to do is to walk among the winter trees. The stillness, the freshness of the snow….usually allows me to review the year that is ending and begin to look at what I wish for myself in the coming year.

While I may live in Florida now, I can project myself to a walk I have taken many times in my Grandmother’s woods. It is truly a sanctuary for me and even though I live thousands of miles away…during this time of year I wish I was there, to not only be surrounded by her calmness but also to enjoy the peace I find when I’m there.

As I get ready to leave for another weekend at the Flea Market & ask the “powers that be” to bless me with the numbers I need to allow the business to continue…I also know I can’t stress out over things I cannot control and so if I can relax & meditate to this place…I can only wish for those that need my offerings arrive or begin their journey’s to their version of wellness that may send them my way.

Have a fantastic weekend & please don’t get too stressed yourselves with the holidays approaching.

Blessed Be, Brightest Blessings. With a raised coffee mug –Liza M.