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Good Morning all, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. I have so much to do this week but I realized I hadn’t posted anything to y’all in a while. I miss being able to find the time to do this each day like I did in the beginning.

Things are hopefully going to get better with the store; while sales are not where they need to be yet, I am keeping my fingers (toes, eyes) crossed that they will improve enough where I no longer have to wonder if I can continue to do this full time.

I was pleased to be able to help people the past few weeks as they tried my supplements & teas and the inspiration and grounding from the various jewelry as well as the other items I stock.

Here is to hoping others find their way to me and I can try to help their lives be a bit a better…with less pain, less depression, and full of more hope for the possibilities in the future.

All of us are on various paths all the time, whether we are looking for ways to improve our health, our outlook, our luck, our sense of self & purpose or something else. I only hope that I can help you along the way to whatever you are searching for. Be limitless at the possibilities and tap into your imagination for it may provide you the guidance you need.

BB! Wishing you all much love and luck on your paths. –Liza M.