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Good Morning all, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. I have noticed a great deal of hesitation with my patrons at my in-person sales on whether or not to purchase something based upon how they might be “seen” by others. Your style is your own, if someone doesn’t understand why you chose a symbol, you can choose to explain it to them or choose to realize that it’s about how that symbol is viewed by “you” and no one else.

The ability to locate items that are your style or has meaning for you is what is important, not what others around you may think of it. Nature creates many things that are similar but different and it’s that unique difference that gives it such beauty. The same is true for us…we are each unique and may be similar in some ways but it’s in how we are different, whether our point of view, our style, our expressions or something else that give us our own beauty.

Many of the items in the beginning I chose for the store are to assist me in my own paths to overall Wellness but many of them now are from things you’ve told me YOU need to enhance your journey in life.

I do listen and as many of my customers can attest, I do try to locate what you desire, what you need, and will get it for you if I can. I know part of my path is this desire to assist others on theirs. I like the personal touch and my long term plan includes this personal touch, that’s why the number of items I have are not in the large quantities, I like the ability to be able to stock what you desire and not just what might sell “quickly”. You may not realize but as you ask, or tell me your story, it leads me in directions or to things I had not considered and I feel blessed for that.

Your opinion does count, what you need to assist your quality of life is paramount. Please try to enjoy your journey and realize that taking time for yourself is just as important as what you give to others.

BB! With a raised coffee mug. –Liza M.