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Good Morning all, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. I have been so busy…so excuse the ramble that will follow. I have been wearing myself out with finally setting up a permanent booth as I can no longer handle the load/unload each weekend…yes my back & body forced me to make the move as well as other things…been an “oi vay” few weeks.

I do have many health issues and so I need to be careful about over-doing it. Well, I decided that perhaps I needed to give my Chakra tea a try. I had wanted to try it with my first test batch but I sold out before I could give it a try myself. I thought I’d share my Day 1 (yesterday) results with you.

I was surprised by the results & how much I could accomplish yesterday after drinking it. I wasn’t that shocked at getting a headache after drinking the first cup (yes, went for the 3rd eye & spirit area first as I knew it was my most blocked) but it did lessen and figure it won’t be as bad when I do it again today.

Yes, I plan to drink the full box…and even have the internal debate going about getting just some of the specific blends now in on top of the assortment pack as I’m sure I’d drink certain chakra’s more than the others.

BB! Wishing you all much love and luck on your paths. With a raised mug–Liza M.