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Good Morning all, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. I listed my call-out for my locals to let me know what their essential oil requests are for this week as I will be re-ordering via Facebook but I also wanted to let you know about one of the new incoming essential oils I will be stocking…it’s called Galbanum and I am eager to try it to see if it can help me (and others) with muscle spasms & arthritic pain. Plus, I also admit, the fact that it can help keep ants, roaches, & more insects at bay is a definite perk….fire ants inside really…suck. I hope you enjoy the information and be sure to follow on Facebook for more callouts (incense will be soon too) to make sure I try to get in the items you have been looking for.

BB! Wishing you all much love and luck on your paths. With a raised mug–Liza M.