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Good Morning all, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. As the Memorial Day weekend approaches and the notices for that the flags at Arlington are being put out…my thoughts turn more and more to those I served with, those who inspired me to serve, and to those whose journey here on earth has gone to where I have yet to go.

This time for me, is not about the politics, the “should we have” or “shouldn’t we have”. Instead, I try to not dwell on the things that happened but rather on the people that I went through it with. I remember their faces, their smiles, their stories. I let that inspire me as the other things I carry from that time is always there, sometimes weighing heavier than others. I know dwelling on the things I cannot change is not helpful nor healthy, so instead I do my best (and it doesn’t always work) to take what I learned from those fellow service members, their families, their friends, and let that inspire me to ensure my outlook is not clouded; that I continue to learn, and continue to help if I can. I may no longer be on active duty but I feel as if I never have truly gone off duty.

Forever on watch and doing my best to put forth the best qualities of humanity, decency, patience, strength, and spirit in those that served with me and those we helped while serving. For I have seen joy in the darkest of times; humanity & helping in times where others would have crumbled under the weight of tragedy….In memory of all, whether here or traveled onward…I carry you with me…always, until we meet again.

BB! –Liza M.