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Good Evening all, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. Well my first weekend not opening my booth has now ended. I came down with Strep and rather than infect people I chose to stay home until I no longer felt the “ickiness”. I am also looking for part-time work again as I want to keep the business going as it really does touch on the things I’m passionate about.

Anyone that has met me or has been following along knows I have a “thing” for exploration; finding things that inspire; helping people; finding health alternatives; and cultural exposure. I’m sure there are other things I’ve missed but those are the main things that pop into my recovering from ickiness mind.

It had me thinking about that internal fire…that occasionally burns low and slow and can rage at different situations. We all have one and I think it gets a good bit of fuel to our spirit when we do things we enjoy and that we are passionate about. I hope you have found things that inspire you to explore and find new avenues that bring you joy and what matters is how YOU feel about it not what others may think.

BB and rest well tonight! –Liza M.