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Good Afternoon all, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. I’ve got a bad summer cold but figured I would use this time to sip some Autumn Tea to help and also get down some things I say quite a bit in person but have yet to express online. The reason I chose to stock different types of divination items is because some of us may be new to the option; and also need to recognize that these types of tools are not just for speaking to other lines of existence but also as a way to speak to ourselves. Our conscious mind often needs a kick in the butt to get moving or to slow down….and I’ve found through my journey that tarot, oracle, or runes were the best way to give me that proverbial kick. The conscious mind hates change; hates surprises; is often fearful and doesn’t like to make a leap or to slow down without some kind of assurance. I see tarot, oracle, and runes as a way to allow the Conscious mind to hear the Subconscious which often knows the path we need to take; the feelings we need to pay attention to; or what things are going on. Tarot decks and their interpretations can be difficult for people starting out; and often you need to be calm and focused on what you are asking to get an understandable answer so I chose to bring in Oracle decks as a more “to the point” option for people. I find Oracle decks to be a great option for people starting out as they don’t really require you to understand how to read yourself, the energies of the day, etc… Runes, the other option I carry, allow for another “drawn to” option as the stone itself usually draws you first. I tell people that there are ways to use runes but mostly to pay attention to the symbol that keeps coming up whether you’re drawing one/handful from the bag during uncertain times or tossing them to gain perspective as that is the symbol(s) trying to get your attention. I also like runes because you can carry them with you; as a way to ask for that symbol/stones help during times where you feel the need…which you can’t really do with card types. These tools, in my belief, are here as ways to help make your journey a tad easier if you allow them to. And don’t fret when you start to lose cards or stones…(just like symbolic jewelry or other talismans)…that usually means when they don’t re-appear that their ability to guide you at that portion of your life has passed and another set/type/symbol is out there that will help you on your current section. That’s why you feel drawn to other things and it’s perfectly normal. I personally own at least 5 decks; multiple gemstones/symbolism items and depending upon the day is what I feel may help me the most. I have my “go to’s” but on other days I feel pulled to use another just as with everything you have…scents, colors, clothing, etc…everything you own there is just “something” that tells you on that day this is what I need…so it is with using divination tools. I hope this helps you to understand how I view Tarot, Oracle, and Runes and to decide if they will help you.

BB, thanks for listening. Remember Your Path is Your Own. –Liza M.