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Hello moonlight risers and late to bed sleepers, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. If you have been following on Facebook (or just on here) you’ve seen the new items I brought in. One of those is pendulums. Often we need a yes or no answer to something and a pendulum is a great way to get that. I brought in three crystal types (Blood Stone, Labradorite, and Ruby Zoisite) as well as spiral versions. I also like to use my pendulums as a way to help guide me on some of those impromptu road trips that can be good for the spirit and soul. There are times where I feel if I don’t leave town and the normal routines or I’ll go stir crazy, so I will pull out a map, and see where the pendulum points. It always leads to interesting journeys and things I never knew were close by. My crystal pendulums come with an instruction booklet but my spiral versions do not so I made up a modified version to post with them so people can print those off and use them. I’m posting them here for you in case you have a pendulum or have been curious about them. I brought in the Labradorite specifically for myself and already I’ve started to see a difference in my sleeping, and other things as I get in tune with it. Gotta love any stone also known as the Aurora Borealis stone.

BB, thanks for listening and sweet dreams. –Liza M.