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Good Morning all, it’s Liza, the Owner of The Wandering Path. I sat down this morning and tried to think of a way to tell all of you some things but in a short version way…and after pages and pages of written thoughts; it still wasn’t very easy to try to sum it up as I didn’t want this entry didn’t become a long thought sharing event that felt a bit random, however I have a feeling it still might be.

Every weekend I meet a variety of people…and while some buy items because they think it is pretty the majority are purchasing things to help themselves or someone else. Almost every time someone asks me about something… (i.e. Do you have anything for weight loss? I’m in a lot of pain; do you have anything to help with that? My house feels strange…do you….? ) the common thread to all my follow up questions start with “how is your mood?”

Our mood influences everything we see, we touch, we taste, we process and everything surrounding us. I have a variety of medical conditions that can often be difficult to deal with; I struggle with my weight; my ability to be around people; my anxiety, depression, pain and anger levels etc… I recognize that I need help with it daily and also that there are days where they affect me even more and I need to step things up a bit to allow me to cope. I take my supplements for their ability to help with things internally and if I need a bit more help than usual, I take an extra Mood Elevation and maybe even add in a cup or two of Emotion Tea as that is first and foremost in addressing any other issue…for if my Mood sucks that day everything else is worse.

I’ll add in the Hematite bracelet and put on the Amethyst necklace as they help with anxiety, stress, pain, and even that mood as well as it affects the energy flow in my body. The aroma and color therapy also does wonders on me; whether it’s the facial lotion I mix up with Ylang-Ylang, Lavender or the “Woo sah” spritzer to help with those moments of frustration; it does have direct & noticeable impact even by those people I end up “spritzing” cause I can feel their frustration or anxiety.

Friends who see me say “you’re losing weight what are you doing?” well…making sure my mood is nice and good; calm and hopeful is my best…and also remembering to take a probiotic, drink water and also eat for without fuel how can the body be asked to burn off the other stuff. No quick fixes, no special things…just giving the body the relief and things it needs to feel better….you want to do more, you laugh more, you smile more…and so your body lets go of that extra stuff it’s storing because it doesn’t feel the need to “save it for later”.

I know some of these thoughts are disconnected but I hope those of you who have felt this way…do feel this way….gain a better understanding why the items I have and put out there are truly there to help you find your Overall Wellness and gain the ability to enjoy your life, feel inspired, and also feel able to express yourself and thereby influence others with the energy you put out that they can then feel.

BB, thanks for listening and enjoy the rest of the day! –Liza M.