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Good Afternoon all, it’s Liza the Owner of The Wandering Path. The holiday’s are upon us and I know myself as well as many others may feel disconnected from people…that while we love them…we don’t seem to know them anymore.

Relationships…need to be tended. Some connections can come back quickly while others take more effort. Then you have the ones where you realize that your time together has passed but that doesn’t mean you can’t become friends again but in another way; to learn again about what the journey has been like; how you can be that support for one another; have respect for one another; or bid them farewell and wish them the best of luck in their journey ahead.

Life is a journey we all take; and those that travel with us will change; but it is on us to make sure that those we want along our journey stay with us for they may find another path and fade away before we even know it.

Brightest of Blessings to you all.

–Liza M; Owner, The Wandering Path LLC.