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Each year, I re-publish this…but this year I thought I’d update the blog entry points too. If you’ve ever watched Doctor Who, these words are used and seem so much more powerful than “Good Job”; “You’re so smart” ; “Cool” and perhaps it is because over the years, being smart wasn’t necessarily seen as a good thing; doing a good job you expect to hear but doesn’t really impact you; and saying something is “Cool” doesn’t really get someone to look anymore.

Try telling someone they were “Clever” or “Brilliant” and that thing you were seeing/experiencing/they were doing was “Fantastic!” You can even try to do your best British accent if you wish.

They may think you’re bit of a “nutter” but it’ll make you smile still the same.

Today, Friday the 13th, seemed an appropriate day to re-publish and should be a fun day of timey-whimey adventures and make of it what you will. The world is Fantastic, Brilliant, Incredible, Amazing, Clever, Magickal and more. Embrace the exploitative attitude of The Doctor and go forth…wander…search…find…smile…and of course remember to know how to “run” (hehe). 

Find something Fantastic today and see who in your life is ever so Clever and absolutely Brilliant!

BB from the “tad geeky/scif-fi freaky” Owner of The Wandering Path.