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Days that honor those that have journeyed onward to where we cannot travel are days I pay homage. This Memorial Day Weekend, while my mind was far away, I still opened my booth and chose to light the Nepali Butter Cupper Lamp to aid those souls that felt lost or forgotten.


I added Moroccan Rose petals for love; Lavender buds for peace; and Sage for protection for them on their journey. I was very thankful for those that stopped by as they were respectful of the flame that was lit and even inquired as to why I had lit it.

Remembering those souls that have passed does not have to be a sad experience but can be one of joy as that is what they brought to your life….I was a Vietnamese Linguist and Military Analyst during my time in uniform…and this has given me stories to tell..of even those that had passed before I was born for a portion of career my job was to try to find those that had yet to be returned home…for this I was grateful as they all deserve to be remembered and live again among us in our stories and memories.

Today…in my home, I lit a flame within a circle of friends..to act as a beacon for those whose stories are being told as the power of memory and spirit can truly help many..whether they are here with us or have moved beyond our perception.


Gather around…create new memories and share the old stories of those who have gone so they may be with us once again.

Blessings and Love to you all from a proud Veteran, Liza M. Owner of The Wandering Path.