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Good Afternoon all, it’s Liza the Owner of The Wandering Path. After I returned home from that Wander Weekend I realized I needed to make sure I took time for “me”.

Working 6 days in a row..and while I adore my business and interacting with my customers (new friends) I needed to make sure to keep my own “even keel” and be helpful to others I needed to try to find a way to do something for me to de-stress regularly.

I decided that since my one day off a week was a Wednesday…I would turn that into Wander Wednesdays. I would stop at the places that looked interesting; use the pendulum to choose or see where the journey took me where “getting lost” led to some interesting sights.

I’ve even started offering the option for people to come along with me…and they could even offer up places to go see but with the rules that it has to do with nature; not cost a lot of money (I would take care of gas & any entrance fees) and that it be within 150 miles to allow for return by 2pm local time and the “turn the cell off or put on airplane mode” as a stipulation. I have had people take me up on the option and other days I just go by myself but I am thankful at how much I de-stress & relax in just those few hours once a week. I hope you find ways to disconnect from the noise & rejuvenate yourself as I have.

The Wander Wednesdays that have happened between the Wander Weekend and now..have taken me (and others) to a Waterfall; a hike thru spider prone woods (ha!); an unexpected “got lost” 4-wheeling trip around backroads where I did see some interesting things (a gorgeous bird on sentry duty; an Air Force Jet on display in a park etc..); and another heat beat at a chilly lagoon (oh yeah hyperventilate when you get in..it’s that cold!).

Rather than trying to upload quickly details of each trip, please see my other social media sites (instagram & facebook) for the entries or photos. I will try to write up Wander Wednesday’s after each trip so you can follow along. I promise to try to take you along more often through this blog…and share more details on what I’ve seen; felt; heard; perceived. BB!

–Here is to hoping you find your own way to Wander Happy & find new places to Explore. Liza M; Owner, The Wandering Path LLC.






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