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Good Afternoon all, it’s Liza the Owner of The Wandering Path. As I continue the recap of what occurred last month (July)…I do apologize for not getting to it after I got back…but better late than never.

I did consult the map again as I headed into the 2nd day of my Wander Weekend.

Day Two: Where did the Pendulum land? Well I got my “yes” indicator closer to home…so off I went to explore Florida Caverns State Park. No, even growing up down here as a teenager nor in the last 8 years living here as an adult did I know about this place…so yet again…the Park Service to the de-stress me rescue!

As many of you know…or have noticed, I do prefer things in Nature…away from bright lights; loud noises; crowds; or perhaps it’s more that I like being away from too much “let me entertain you” concrete life…where cell phones don’t work too well & you can shut out the noises of: “work, errands, stress” and listen for the sounds of “life”…the call of the birds; rustle of leaves in the wind; falling rain.

Okay….this post has a great deal of photos attached to it. To say I enjoyed my brief hike & tour of the Caverns is an understatement. I’ve attached first the some of the photos of the underground cavern tour (beat that heat by going down on this 45 min tour…well worth it…just mind your head). After the tour…I did a short hike until the thunderstorms overhead threatened to soak me for the rest of the day.

The trails are well maintained and not too rough. The scenery is gorgeous and the ability to see some other limestone carve outs was quite interesting. There is definitely a good vibe to this place and I will definitely be back especially since it is just a few hours from my home. Thank you to my higher self for telling me via my Pendulum a perfect ending on my de-stress birthday Wander Weekend. Keep scrolling for a grid to the photos & see my other social media pages for ones I uploaded while on the trip as well.

–Blessings to you all & here is to hoping you find your own way to Wander Happy & find new places to Explore. Liza M; Owner, The Wandering Path LLC.