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Good Afternoon all, it’s Liza the Owner of The Wandering Path. As Fall and Winter continue to battle to decide who reigns down here in Northwest Florida…I am using that time to gather items. Finding and gathering various plants, dried berries, bark, and other things that need to be in my herb cupboard I was happy to finally be able to get the glass vials to store them in.

Spell crafting can often be strengthened by using various things from around your home or area, especially those places where you feel a connection (energy boosting; peace inducing; calming currents etc…). It did take me a few years to locate and be able to stock these vials to share with you and however you wish to use them…as wish bottles; herb storage; even spell preparation storage (which I hope to do some simple ones for you…already prepared and ready for you to uncork, pour, speak, light and send forth).


However your path is, if you find use for these they are now available on the Webstore.

Such is this Zen Celtic Druid Witches Life.

Brightest Blessings and Blessed Be!

– Liza M; Owner, The Wandering Path LLC.