While the ramblings didn’t occur again the graphic is still helpful. Try to aid the switch a bit easier…it’s coming! BB! Liza M., Owner.

The Wandering Path LLC

Oh Daylight Savings Time…you’re the person I most don’t like to see. If you are in a State that doesn’t recognize the need to throw the body clock off…lucky you.

The owner today misses when she lived in Hawaii and they did not “flip” this switch-a-roo. We know that many people don’t prepare the “ease in” to DST, we certainly didn’t so we went trolling for info on to maybe not make the switch so hard.

The recommendation to “exercise” got a lot of “I will kill you know with my mind!” looks but we did decide to give the short walk a try. We did grab the Springtime Tea we have here as it helps with grogginess and took a stroll around outside looking like a group of reprobates or drunken loonies clutching tea cups and seeming to stumble.

Of course the “trips” and “slips” got laughter going and…

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