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First off, I apologize for being silent for so many months. Life has been chaotic and frankly…I’ve been running on empty…Exhausted in all aspects of mind, body, and spirit. I try not to pass on negativity so I kept to myself and while the holidays approach, I am thankful for the continued support I receive online and locally…but I did have to close down the expanded retail space back to the smaller and cozy shop size as, unfortunately, buyers were few and far between in the past quarter. I cannot give up…I work too hard to just keep the shop going…to aid those that find me as well as those that seek my help. I say “cannot” because it’s is truly what I feel I should be doing…and the thought of closing the doors on options for all of you…makes me sad deep within. So…I am thankful for those that find me…that share their stories with me and allow me to help how I can. I am thankful for those that I find…that allow me to share my stories…and help me as they can. May you all have a wonderful holiday ahead and while life may seem to be a climb…may you find those that aid you to at least have stable footing for a time when it gets difficult to breathe.

BB to all of you! –Liza M., Owner, The Wandering Path.